Microsoft Zune HD killed off

Big M confirms news after initially suggesting PMP had had stay of execution

The days of Microsoft’s slow-selling Zune HD are finally over, after the Big M said it was stopping production and switching its focus to Zune software instead.

Microsoft has read the Zune HD its last rites for the second time in less than a week. The struggling PMP has been killed off, with Microsoft instead deciding to train its eye on Zune software for Xbox and Windows Phone.

Just last week, a support page suggested the same thing, but was yanked from the web, with the Big M saying they’d made an error. However, this time it looks like it’s for real.

The Zune and Zune HD were never properly launched in the UK. Even in the US they failed to do the business, thanks to Apple’s iTunes and iPod range cornering the market.

Will you be mourning the loss of the Zune HD? Or are you happy to see Microsoft put more emphasis on its Windows Phone plans? Tell us in the comments section now.