Microsoft Xbox 360 TV service in the offing

Big M in negotiations with US networks over new service

TV package might not land for 12 months though, say insider.

Microsoft is working on a new TV service built around the Xbox 360. That’s according to sources speaking to Reuters, who say they’re close to the Big M’s negotiations with US networks about a potential Apple and Google-rivalling package.

Word is that the new service will let punters use their Xbox 360 as TV set top box, accessing cable channels across the pond for a monthly fee. There is also talk of interactive skills being brought to the party, with viewers able to chat and watch together, much in the same way movie parties currently work on the Xbox.

Packages of programmes are also said to be under development, as well as plans to sell single channels. UK users can already access Sky as long as they pay up the requisite fee to Murdoch’s men and subscribe to a particular package.

It’s been suggested by these insiders that Xbox 360 TV won’t launch for another year. But with Apple and Google hard at work on plying their own web TV offerings, Microsoft will surely want to have something primed and ready-to-go sooner than that.

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Via Reuters