Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Xbox LIVE games detailed

News video and Xbox-Mobile crossover launch titles revealed

Is the potential there to kill off the app store?

From the very moment that Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, we’ve been excited about one thing above all else: the potential that the crossover between the mobile platform and Xbox LIVE brings to the table. Today Microsoft has lifted the lid on what to expect from the crossover, with a video trailer demoing some of the games.

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So what’s the what? Well for a start, there’s an official list of launch games, which you can read here, including some iPhone favourites like Flight Control alongside top console franchises such as Splinter Cell, Crackdown and Halo (A game called Halo Waypoint).

Among the list of top points from the Xbox website are full Avatar support, Xbox LIVE leaderboards and Achievements, the ability to play with friends on other Windows Phone 7 handsets and a play-before-you-pay system.

For a more visually-friendly explanation check out the video below: