Microsoft will not make Windows Phone 8 handsets

Exec squashes rumours that company will try and take on Apple

After unveiling its first two Windows 8 Microsoft Surface tablets rumours had started to suggest the company would also be making smartphones

Microsoft has apparently confirmed that it won't be producing a Windows Phone 8 handset anytime soon after an executive ruled out the proposition, instead highlighting that the company would rely on current hardware partners.

Speaking to Information Week a company executive outright denied any plans to produce Windows Phone 8 hardware instead pointing out that Microsoft already had partners signed up in the form of HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Huawei.

The rumour had started after an analyst sent out a message to his clients saying that he believed the company would continue this new trend of producing its own hardware by building smartphones as well.

The recent announcement of the Microsoft Surface RT and Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro then added further fuel to a fire which had already started.

Some doubts were raised however after the HTC Windows Phone 8 line-up was supposedly leaked prompting more scepticism over the prospect of Microsoft entering the smartphone hardware industry.

Source: Information Week