Microsoft touchscreen patent to bring Braille to tablets

Visually imapired friendly touchscreens possible

Microsoft patent set to help the visually impaired

Microsoft has revealed a revolutionary new design patent that could pave the way for Braille-capable touchscreen devices.

Pixel-sized shape-memory plastic cells coated in a UV light reactive malleable polymer spray could soon be included on larger touchscreen devices such as tablets allowing objects and shapes to be “called to the surface” and ‘felt’ according to a report by the New Scientist.

Whilst Microsoft has failed to reveal exactly how close to market this futuristic technology is, the possibilities for visually impaired centric products as well as revolution mass consumer devices could change user, product relationships forever.

Currently believed to be targeted only at larger touchscreen devices, it is unlikely that Braille friendly smartphones will be available in the near future. One potential use for such technology, however, could see Braille eReader devices become a reality.

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Via: TechRadar