Windows Phone 7 Mango update in "a week or two"

Microsoft’s head of apps outs Mango rollout plans ahead of launch

Microsoft’s head of apps for the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system has revealed the company’s much anticipated Mango update is to land within the next couple of weeks

Windows Phone 7 Mango, the next-generation of Microsoft’s current mobile operating system is to begin rolling out across devices within “a week or two,” the company’s head of apps has revealed.

With a ‘fall’ arrival for the Windows Phone 7 Mango update confirmed by Microsoft earlier this year, the eagerly awaited update, which is set to bring more than 500 new features to the hub-based OS, looks set to make an appearance on existing handsets early in October.

Making the announcement via his official Twitter feeds Brandon Watson, Microsoft’s head of apps and developers on the Windows Phone platform said: "Boom… no more rumours. Mango to start rolling out on Windows Phone in just a week or two."

Windows Phone 7 Mango features

With more than 500 new features set to spoil WP7 users rotten, the cream of the Mango flavoured crop will see multitasking introduced alongside improvements to the system’s browsing experience with Internet Explorer 9 capabilities set to hit mobile devices.

Tasked with making the fledgling OS smarter and easier to use the Mango update will introduce Threads, linking all person-to-person communication across all mediums into one seamless stream, as well as marking the arrival of Group hubs.

Windows Phone 7 Mango update: The full story

Whilst a number of Mango launch handsets have already been unveiled including the HTC Radar, Microsoft’s new mobile partner Nokia has yet to officially unveil its first WP7 handsets with recent reports suggesting the Finnish company has had to delay the device’s arrival until January.

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Via: TheGuardian