Microsoft to launch Spotify-like 'Woodstock' music app at E3?

Zune replacement to come to iOS, Android, Xbox and more

With no Xbox 720 announcement at E3, Microsoft looks set to focus on new content deals, one of which is rumoured to be a new music streaming platform called Woodstock.

Reports on Wednesday suggest Microsoft will launch a new music platform to take on the likes of Spotify and Sony Music Unlimited, at the E3 gaming expo this summer.

The service, internally called 'Woodstock,' will be Spotify-like, according to those familiar with the matter, and allow cross platform play through web browsers, plus apps on Windows 8/Windows Phone 8, Xbox 360, iOS and Android.

Woodstock could also borrow from iTunes Match by scanning the hard-drives of users and making that music available to play over the cloud. That feature is currently in the test stage according to The Verge's sources.

The service, which is not likely to launch until Windows 8 arrives towards the fourth quarter of 2012, is likely to replace the existing Zune Music Pass service, which allows members access to unlimited music on Window 7, Windows Phone and Xbox 360.

Via: The Verge