MIcrosoft to launch AirPlay-like Smart Glass app for Xbox 360?

Speculation suggests new companion app coming to iOS, Android and WP

The Xbox 360 will soon have its own version of AirPlay, according to unconfirmed reports ahead of the E3 expo in Los Angeles

Microsoft will reportedly launch its answer to Apple's AirPlay tech at E3 this week with a new 'companion app, that will allow Xbox 360 users to send movies and music to the console.

The purported Smart Glass application would be available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets and a real boon to current Xbox 360 owners who want to send content to their TV without forking out for an Apple TV set-top box.

Engadget is on point with the story, saying it has already seen a presentation Microsoft is preparing to give this week at the Los Angeles-based gaming expo.

Microsoft has already made clear that it won't be launching a new Xbox at this year's expo and says it will focus on apps and services for the entertainment side of its games console.

This cross-platform app would certainly be a good start towards ensuring the company doesn't get completely left in the dust of the Wii U and PS Vita developments.

T3 is live in Los Angeles to bring you all the latest from the biggest gaming event of the year.

Via: Engadget