Microsoft to end Windows Mobile 6 support on July 15th

Windows Mobile 6 support to be canned within weeks

Windows 7 priortised as it supersedes Mobile 6.x

The end is nigh for Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.x OS as the software behemoth continues to reduce its signifiance in the mobile market with support of the operating system to cease on July 15th.

After 19 months Windows Mobile 6.x is to be decommissioned following Microsoft's notification to App developers that it would not be accepting any new application submissions for the Marketplace post July 15th.

Original apps will still be available to purchase by end users, but this will signify the end to innovation on the now obsolete platform.

The Marketplace peaked with around 7,000 apps available to download, but that number has plummeted to less than 2,000 to date prompting the end of Windows Mobile 6.x, with the distinct possibility that Windows will no longer support the OS.

Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s latest attempt to top the mobile world, and with HTC adopting the interface the computer giants no longer see a need for Mobile 6.