Microsoft targets iTunes with Windows 8 dev revenue shares

Microsoft has confirmed it will offer developers 80 per cent of app revenues

Offering a reach of over 600 million machines, Microsoft is taking on BlackBerry and Apple head-to-head with a hugely attractive deal for developers

Microsoft has revealed that it will provide developers an 80 per cent revenue share on any Windows 8 applications which makes over $25,000, generating interest in the platform by undercutting the shares offered by Apple and RIM.

The new, potentially lucrative revenue split, which has been promise by Ted Dworkin, Partner Director of Program Management during the European ‘Exploring Windows 8’ conference, sees Microsoft undercut Apple which takes a standard 30 per cent chunk of all iOS app revenues.

Calling Windows 8 the ‘Single greatest economic opportunity for developers’ Dworkin went on to explain that developers would be not only building for a new OS but building for an OS that will potentially reach every Windows PC.

This financial promise is not dissimilar from a similar statement made during BlackBerry World where Alec Saunders promised BB10 developers $10,000 if they made over a certain amount in their first year.

Windows 8 Features

Boasting complete integration between both desktop and tablet, Windows 8 apps will work between both devices seamlessly with the Windows 8 Store offering a metro-themed library of content.

There’s also full integration with other devices such as Xbox with the ‘Send to Xbox’ feature which allows you to throw content, compatible apps or games to the Microsoft made games console. Taking cues from Google Play all apps on Windows 8 have to disclose what functions they’ll require whether its location, contact information or even bank details.

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