Microsoft tablet OS to debut this week

Slate specific version of Windows to be unveiled

New look OS set for Computex and All Things D events.

Microsoft is set to pull the wrappers off of a tablet-specific version of Windows this week. The Big M is set to show off devices running the new OS at the Computex trade show in Taiwan and the All Things D tech bash in the US.

The news comes from, "...people with knowledge of the company's plans," who have been speaking with Bloomberg. There are no details as yet on what to expect, but just last week Steve Ballmer said there would be a tablet-tailored version of Windows 8. Those comments were later retracted.

Ballmer also claimed that tablets using the new OS could be out as soon as 2012. However, that will leave the Big M with a hell of a lot of ground to make on both Apple and Google, who are already cornering the slate space.

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