Microsoft Surface Touch Cover users experiencing 'splitting'

Reports say super-thin keyboard is coming apart at the seams. Literally.

Users of the super-slim Microsoft Surface Touch Cover keyboard have complained that the accessory is splitting at the seams.

When Microsoft announced the wafter-thin keyboard cover for its new Windows 8 Surface tablet, the tech world marveled at its sleek design and impressive functionality. However, judging by reports from some users, it may have been a little too good to be true.

Some Touch Cover users say that "within days" the keyboard is starting to split at the seams, where it magnetically attaches to the tablet PC. In some cases this casing split is even exposing wires.

Users on the Microsoft Surface forums, a reporter at The Verge website and a Microsoft developer are all experiencing exactly the same issue with the £100 cover.

The company is yet to respond to requests to comment, so it is unclear whether the fault is endemic across all Surface Touch Covers or the whether some users simply had the bad luck of encountering a faulty batch.

The developer who contacted Microsoft's support team was granted a replacement Touch Cover, so if you're one of the users experiencing the fault, that's probably your best bet.

Via Guardian