Microsoft Surface could start 'new tablet race' says Carphone Warehouse exec

Phone exec believes new tablet could reignite tablet race

With the New iPad leading the pack, the Microsoft Surface tablet could be the first real contendor to the throne, or at least that's according to a retail exec

Carphone Warehouse Chief Commercial Officer Graham Stapleton has revealed that he believes the arrival of the Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows 8 'will trigger a new tablet race' prompting many of its competitors to seriously up their game.

Offering both the convenience of a sub 10mm thin tablet whilst also being able to function as a fully-fledged PC Stapleton believes the Microsoft Surface is able to offer something completely new.

“Microsoft’s first foray into producing both tablet hardware and software is an exciting addition to the market, which has been relatively quiet over the last few months. Today’s news is really going to shake things up. Microsoft’s Surface is going to appeal beyond the existing tablet community and draw in new tablet users, especially with the new Windows 8 software."

"Microsoft Office functionality and the dual-purpose cover keyboard should go down well with professionals who may have been put off by touch screen keyboards in the past.”

Microsoft could find itself backed into a corner sooner than it would like however with the rumour that a Google Nexus tablet will be arriving sooner than many had expected

This combined with the potentially imminent arrival of the Amazon Kindle Fire 2, the Microsoft Surface and the Apple iPad could indeed see competition hotting up around them.

“Microsoft has set the bar high. Manufacturers are going to have to work harder than ever to innovate and convince the customer that their tablet can top this.”