Microsoft Surface 32GB has only 16GB available storage

Surface tablet needs around 16GB for Windows 8 RT

The Surface tablet could already have hit a snag already after Microsoft has finally revealed just how much memory Windows 8 RT actually needs to operate

The Microsoft Surface tablet requires roughly 16GB of storage space to run Windows 8 RT revealing that in fact those who bought a 32GB Surface tablet will only have 16GB of free storage on their tablets.

Those who want the 64GB Surface will have also received the same drop in memory getting around 46GB of actual storage as opposed to the storage that is advertised on the side of the packaging.

Microsoft has listed the storage requirements of Windows 8 RT saying that the OS, Office RT and built-in apps needs around 8GB of storage while Windows recovery tools takes up 5GB.

While it's common practise for smartphone and tablet manufacturers to show total storage instead of the usable storage this seems like an odd omission considering the storage of the 32GB tablet is effectively halved.

The Surface does come with MicroSD which means the memory can be expanded greatly, something which the new iPad can't do and it's certainly true that Microsoft is pushing the use of SkyDrive as a means of alternatives storage.