Microsoft says 'nobody bought' Xbox 360 faceplates

The reason behind the end of Xbox 360 faceplates

Xbox 360 faceplates may not have been very popular.

Albert Penello, Microsoft's global marketing boss, has told OXM his thoughts on the Xbox 360 faceplates accessory.

He revealed to OXM that they killed the faceplates quickly because "nobody bought it". He added that he didn't think the faceplates were a bad idea as five years ago, they were all the rage.

He said in his OXM interview: "We don't ever create an accessory with the intent of having it fail."

"The idea wasn't bad... people used to put faceplates on their cell phones. Rewind five years, faceplates were what everybody wanted to do."

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim was shown to the world at E3 2010, but without official faceplates. This explains why.

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Via: OXM