Microsoft restructuring plans rumoured to be revealed by July 1st

Sources suggest new divisions and significant departures

Rumours point towards July 1st reveal date for Microsoft's restructing plans

According to sources close to the situation at Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer could be announcing his plans for a company restructure by July 1st.

All Things D have reported that sources have made suggestions that the plans could include larger roles for several execs, units being moved around into new divisions and significant departures.

There is also focus - that was reported in an annual shareholder letter last year - on solidifying Microsoft into the "devices and services company."

Ballmer's decisions are being discussed without including most of the company's senior execs, and instead working with a small group and some Micrsofot board members.

A source close to the situation told All Things D, "It feels like it is going to be titanic - that Steve is doing this change for his leagacy and it's the first time in a long time that it feels like there will be some major shifts, including some departures."

Other sources have said worry within the company has grown due to all the rumours without any real change occuring yet.

Last year, Windows exec. Steven Sinofsky left the company just weeks after Winodws 8 was revealed.

The last major reorganisation led by Ballmer occured back in 2008, eight years after Ballmer took the CEO role from Bill Gates.

Source: All Things D