Microsoft releases Avatar Kinect

New service allows virtual chats on Xbox Live

Free for all Xbox 360 users until 8 September.

Microsoft’s Avatar Kinect, trailed way back at the start of the year and talked up at E3, has finally gone live. The new service allows users to have virtual meet-ups, with the Kinect camera tracking facial expressions to make chats realistic.

What’s more users can record their virtual chats and see themselves as their avatar on what the Big M is calling its 3D stages. There are 24 different themed 3D stages where users can hang out.

Microsoft is hoping that users will download and share their virtual hook-ups, showing the world just how great Kinect is. With millions of the motion-sensing cameras already sold, it’s unlikely that many young gamers need convincing.

Avatar Kinect is for Xbox Live Gold members only, but is free for all until the 8 September. Let us know how you get on with it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.