Microsoft predicts tablets will outsell desktops next year

Having unveiled the Microsoft Surface tablet, Microsoft has predicted a bright tablet future

With the Microsoft Surface tablet now a think of reality, Microsoft has predicted a rosy future for tablet devices saying they will outsell desktops in 201

Just days after officially unveiling its first own branded tablet, the Windows 8 rocking Surface, Microsoft has suggested 2013 will see tablets outsell desktop computers for the first time.

Speaking during the company’s TechEd Europe convention this morning, head of Windows Web Services Antoine Leblond predicted that whilst desktop sales continue to decline, interest in tablets is increasing at such a rate that the portable smartphone extensions will be second only to laptops in terms of units sold as early as next year.

Making the announcement during his keynote, the Microsoft man said: "Everything used to be desktops, now 60 per cent of PCs sold are laptops. Next year tablets will outsell desktops.”

Pinning the success of the tablet market on the ease of use and intuitive nature of the app filled devices, Microsoft has highlighted the touchscreen interface as key to why consumers are opting for tablets over the more traditional desktop machine.

"Touch is pretty interesting – even five years ago people thought about touch-based cell phones as a niche product,” Leblond said. “There are two main devices you don't use touch for – one is your TV, which is fine, and the other is your PC. If you think about a tablet, one of the most natural gestures are to just swipe your thumbs across – and you get charms. Very easy, very fast, very fluid."

Microsoft Surface Tablet Features

Officially unveiled last week, the Microsoft Surface Tablet is a high-end Apple iPad rival with the 10.6-inch touchscreen device lining up with an array of specs capable of holding their own against a flurry of recently released ultrabooks.

Lining up at a rather hefty 13.5mm thick and 903g in weight, the Microsoft Surface is to land later this year with the offering of 64GB and 128GB storage capacities. Elsewhere a Full HD 1080p display is to provide stunning optics whilst a full size USB 3.0 and mini displayport offer connectivity options.

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Via: TechRadar