Microsoft patent reveals dual-screen smartphone plans

Newly unveiled patent shows off possibility of second screen featuring on handset's rear

New patent application shows potential for dual-screen smartphones with the second display lining up on the handset's rear

Microsoft could soon be set to enter the smartphone hardware race with a number of newly outed patent applications detailing the company’s plans for two sided display touting handsets.

The patent applications, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark office, have showcased the potential for a futuristic handset that, as well as boasting the now standard touchscreen display on the front, touts a back panel that acts as an interactive and customisable display.

With the second, rear-mounted display acting much like an E Ink offering and requiring much less power than its vibrant counterpart on the front, the patent has detailed how it could be used to offer users a wide variety of information such as the time, message alerts and even customisable logos.

Requiring a second, smaller processor, the rear-mounted display technologies are unlikely to appear on any handsets of the near future but pose a tantalising insight into the possibilities currently being explored by leading tech manufacturers.

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Via: BGR