Microsoft Office free web suite goes live

Online portal allows Word, Excel, and Powerpoint creation

Free of charge and ready to kick Google Docs' butt.

Microsoft has unleashed Office Web Apps, to bring Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote to the cloud hoping to apply its desktop dominance and ease Google Docs and OpenOffice into oblivion.

The free web applications are available to use now for anyone with a Windows Live account, after a months of beta testing on the SkyDrive platform brought positive feedback from users.


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Visiting lets you create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations without having the desktop program installed on your computer, or even paying for it.

As well as seeking to knock Google Docs off its perch, Microsoft has also added a live document collaboration tool, called OneNote, to rival Google Wave and allow users to work within the same document in real time.

Account holders will get an meaty storage space of 25GB, which should keep you going for a while with most word docs coming in below 50KB.

Link: Office Web Apps (via TechRadar)