Microsoft offers you $100 discount to ditch Windows XP

New promotion runs until June 15

Microsoft is running a new promotion to give Windows XP users $100 towards a new Windows 8.1 computer provided they ditch the outdated OS.

The new promotion aims to shift Windows XP users to a new Windows 8.1 machine as support for the older OS will no longer be available after April 8.

The deal is available at select Microsoft stores in the US and will run from March 20 to June 15.

All you have to do is present a Windows XP device during purchase to get $100 off a Surface or Windows 8.1 machine, although there are a few catches.

The offer is limited to select PCs that are priced over $599 including Microsoft’s Surface 2 range, Dell’s XPS line, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, the Asus Transformer and more.

It’s also only available in select Microsoft retail and online stores in US and Canada.

The offer applies to customers who make online purchases with a qualifying Windows XP device or customers who present a qualifying Windows XP device during purchases in-store.

Microsoft will also give you a "premium" phone chat and sales support along with free data transfer from service Laplink.

Microsoft wants to shift its customer base on to Windows 8.1 as it will not offer any more security updates or technical support for Windows XP after the cut-off date.

To claim the offer online head over to the Microsoft Store.