Microsoft outs So.Cl network based on search queries

Bing-friendly social network looks like Google+ acts like Pinterest

So.Cl is out of private Beta. Microsoft's social network focusing on sharing search results between followers. It looks a little like Google+ but seems more like Pinterest

Microsoft has, with zero fanfare, launched its own interpretation of a social networking website, which encourages users to share web-links they've searched for through Bing.

The So.Cl website, which looks a little like Google+ but offers a Pinterest-like board for users, was initially aimed at helping students share information for research purposes when it launched in private Beta as some US colleges last December. It is now available to all.

So.Cl allows you to share anything you've searched for via Bing, but will also post your search queries (so be careful) to a news feed if they're conducted using the service.

Users can collate a series of links and images into one visual montage, which will then go out to all of their followers. There's also a video party feature where groups can gather links from YouTube clips and watch them together.

As well as choosing to follow fellow users, So.Cl lets you browse what's being shared through a host of different categories like art, music, movies, sports and more. So, in that respect, it's sort of like Twitter trends.

You can test out So.Cl now by logging in through your Facebook or Windows Live accounts. It's pretty obvious that Microsoft isn't making much fuss about this "experiment" given it came out of Beta on the same weekend as Facebook goes public. However, it already seems more interesting than Google+.

Via: Zdnet