Microsoft launch new Xbox 360 controller Chrome Edition

For those who like a little bling with their gaming

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Microsoft have given the iconic Xbox 360 controller a paintjob in the form of some dazzling new chrome colours that should certainly have you standing out

Microsoft have unveiled their latest range of Xbox 360 controllers in the form of the Chrome Editions. Coming in three chrome colours Red, Blue and Silver these ultra shiny pieces of tech are limited editions.

Featuring the transforming D-pad seen on the updated Xbox 360 controller these will only be available in certain parts of the world starting in the US, and even then only in certain states.

Coming out mid-May these controllers will be retailing in the US for around $54 however there's no word on UK release date or indeed pricing.

With the hype picking up over the next generation of consoles including the Xbox 720 and the Sony PS4 Microsoft will be keen to maintain focus on their current console lineup.