Microsoft Kinect UK pricing announced with new 4GB 360

New Xbox 360 4GB and Kinect bundle pricing also revealed

Stand alone Kinect to cost more than PlayStation Move

Microsoft has ended weeks of speculation as it unveils the pricing for its upcoming motion-control peripheral Microsoft Kinect along with the news of an incoming new Xbox 360 4GB console.

Rumours have surrounded the pricing of Kinect in recent weeks, many leaning towards a wallet friendly figure. The reality is less appealing however as the standalone Kinect sensor with the ‘Kinect Adventures’ title will set consumers back a rather hefty £129.99.

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The deal seems somewhat rosier if consumers are looking to grab themselves a new console too, however. Bundled with the newly designed, 4GB Xbox 360 that includes built-in Wi-Fi and a matt black finish, the Kinect system will come to just £249.99.

Fully compatible with all editions of the Xbox 360 console, Microsoft’s Kinect is looking to bring controller-less motion gaming to the masses. Chris Lewis, vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Europe, has described Kinect as offering: “fantastic new ways to be entertained for the whole family.”

On Kinect’s ability to control movies and music through voice and motion controls, Lewis added: “With full body, voice and multiplayer play straight out of the box, Kinect is a unique way for everyone to enjoy controller-free fun and entertainment.”

More than 15 games have been confirmed for the launch of Kinect although a precise date is yet to be announced for the systems arrival in the UK. The new 4GB 360 console, however, will land in the UK on August 20th where it will be available as a standalone device for just £149.99.

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