Microsoft Kinect price drop set for early 2011?

Codemasters' CEO predicts New Years price slash

Kinect price drop scheduled for New Years?

Just a day after Microsoft unveiled the prices for its upcoming motion control peripheral for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Kinect, one of the platform’s leading developers has declared Microsoft will need to cut the systems price as early as 2011.

Due for release in time for this year’s festive period, Kinect’s £129.99 UK price tag will attampt to capitalise on the Christmas market before possibly adopting a more reasonable standard price. Rod Cousens, CEO of gaming giant Codemasters yesterday declared that he thought Microsoft would reduce Kinect's price to around the £100 mark early in 2011 to achieve sales with its target market of casual gamers.

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He added: "The price point will doubtless have been researched and influenced by the timing of release and the anticipated achievable volume from the Xbox 360 devotees who will want to be first in line for the latest offering.”

Officially priced by Microsoft on Tuesday, the Kinect peripheral will also be available bundled with the new 4GB Xbox 360 console announced on the same day for just £250. The new 4GB console, which includes built-in Wi-Fi and the all new Xbox design, will be available as a standalone device for just £149.99 from August 20th. An exact date for Kinect's launch in the UK has yet to be announced.

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