Microsoft Kinect is the official name for Project Natal

E3: launch titles, kit and hands-on videos unveiled in LA

And there's going to be a Star Wars game! Rejoice

Microsoft's Kinect will be the official name for the Xbox 360's motion gaming add-on we've come to know as Project Natal, after it was revealed in all its glory at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

The announcement was confirmed at Microsoft's Experience event, which included a bespoke performance by Cirque du Soleil, after the details been leaked earlier that afternoon by newspaper USA Today.


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The first stable of games have also been revealed, which included a demo for a Star Wars game in which players use their arms as a light saber. There's also a Wii Sports-like title called Kintetic Sports, which will include boxing, beach volleyball and track and field, and Microsoft also demoed a Yoga game.

Video Chat was also unveiled, which will allow up to four people at a time to conference, while the new Kinect Dashboard interface is supposed to be decidedly Minority Report-esque.

Microsoft Kinect is scheduled for a November release, with pricing yet to be decided, but more information is scheduled at the Xbox press conference today. Rumours are that it could be as high as £200.

Below is a hands-on, or should we saw hands-off video demo, from USA Today.

We'll have more on the Microsoft Kinect announcement as the information reaches us.

Link: Microsoft (via CVG)