Microsoft Kinect demo grinds to a halt in Hong Kong

Kinect UK tour fears of similar incidents ahead of launch

Kinect demo bombs at Hong Kong animation festival

Microsoft’s upcoming motion-controlled gaming peripheral, Kinect, has bombed at a Hong Kong animation festival, freezing mid game as two models attempted to demonstrate the much hyped accessory.

Local models Jessica C and Chrissie Chau attempted to perform a live demonstration of the upcoming Kinect Sports title before their avatars froze mid race whilst the models continued to run on the spot. Their game characters finally sprung back to life before stuttering to the finishing line in a less than convincing demonstration of the eagerly awaited console add on. A video of the incident can be seen below.

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A number of theories have been suggested by Microsoft as to why the demonstration failed in front of such a large audience with the vast number of camera flashes and the two models standing too close together being the most discussed causes. Whilst attempting to brush off the troublesome demo, both of these excuses highlight the system's apparent limitations ahead of its launch later this year.

When T3 tested the Kinect peripheral last month, we had no problems when using the hurdles event of the Kinect Sports title seen in the Hong Kong demonstration. We did, however, struggle with the clap-to-start function of an American football mini game.

Microsoft will be hoping that the issues seen in the Hong Kong demo will be fixed for Kinect's UK tour that kicked off on Saturday and will run until Christmas to give gamers an opportunity to try the system before they buy.