Microsoft KIN killed off

KIN One and Two won't even make it to these shores

Microsoft says KIN's skills will merge with Windows Phone 7.

Getting all geared up for the kiddie-themed KIN One and Two to land in Blighty this autumn? Then get ready for some major league disappointment. Microsoft has said the social networking smarties won’t be sold here in Europe and that it’s killing off the whole KIN range.

In a move which will surprise few, the Big M has said it’s merging KIN’s skills with those of Windows Phone 7, while selling the remaining blowers Stateside. KIN’s staff will begin working on getting Microsoft’s new OS up-to-speed in time for its mooted October release.

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The KIN One and Two were only announced on 12 April, making this an impressively swift death in tech terms. Usually gadgets lumber on for at least a year before being put out of their misery and consigned to ‘worst-of-all-time’ lists.

Word is that neither KIN phone sold anything close to what Microsoft was hoping, with the kids plumping for full-on smartphones rather than ones made with them in mind.

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Via Unwired View