Microsoft is fined £485m by EU for competition pact breach

Company fined for not offering choice of internet browsers

Microsoft has already paid around £1.3bn in fines to the EU due to tax issues and it looks as though this is just the start with Danish authorities now after even more

Microsoft has been fined around £485m by the EU for failing to offer 28m European Union users the chance to have an alternative internet browser over Microsoft's own Internet Explorer.

The fine is a result of Microsoft breaking a competition agreement which meant that the software manufacturer would have to give users the opportunity to user other internet browsers.

The Financial Times reports that Microsoft admitted that it had failed to do so after a bug was found in 2011 which prevented the ballot screen making it onto final versions of their software.

Considering this issue was completely avoidable it would be safe to assume that the company will have its metaphorical tail between its legs especially considering the company is now being chased for a further £864m by Danish regulators who claim that the company owes them penalties for late payment of taxes.

Microsoft are unsurprisingly fighting this claim and will be looking to avoid yet another payout which would see their total fines reach well over the £2bn mark.