Microsoft investigates Windows Phone data bug

'Phantom' problem eats into users' monthly allowance

Up to 50MB of data being sent and received a day for unknown reasons

Microsoft is currently looking into a mystery problem with Windows Phone 7 that appears to be causing the handsets to send and receive 3G data whilst idle.

The bug, which seems to be a US-based one, is storming through users’ monthly data allowances, in some cases chugging away 50MB a day doing nothing. Some users have noted that their handsets’ idle data usage is a huge 2-5MB per hour. Added up, it’s a problem that’ll run a 1GB data allowance dry in well under a month.

The problem may be caused by one of two things, claim reports. The first is that it’s a simple case of the phone using 3G even when connected to WiFi – a problem which could be easily fixed. The second is slightly more sinister, as it suggests that Microsoft has the handsets hard wired to constantly send feedback to HQ.

The official word from MS is that it is "investigating this issue to determine the root cause and will update with information and guidance as it becomes available.”

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