Microsoft: hardcore will come round to new Kinect games

Big M defends E3 lineup

Gamers will be impressed when they try out titles says boss.

Microsoft reckons hardcore gamers will be won over by the company’s decision to talk up Kinect at this year’s E3 show, despite many saying they were disappointed by the Big M’s focus on the motion controller.

That’s according to Xbox senior product manager David Dennis, speaking in an interview with Eurogamer. Dennis told the games site that, “It's similar to last year where some of the core gaming media walked out of E3 a little sceptical about Kinect and said 'I'm never going to do that'. But a lot of them also went and bought Kinect.”

Dennis went on to add, “Whether people fully understand [the new games] now, as we open up more and more over time and explain and let people get hands-on, we think people are going to love it.”

Microsoft confirmed at E3 that all future Tom Clancy games would support Kinect, but some hardcore types remain unconvinced by the motion sensor’s appeal. Let us know what you think now on our Facebook and Twitter pages.