Microsoft fights back with new IE10 advert

Latest from the 'browser you love to hate' campaign

Microsoft has taken on members of the anti-Internet Explorer community with a new advert based around the ‘browser you loved to hate’ project launched earlier this year

The latest advert aims to encourage the public to try out the new Internet Explorer 10 as reports from Netmarketshare show a decrease from an 80 per cent market share in 2007 to 54 per cent in October 2012.

Some of those against IE have actively commented on various sites about their dislike for the web browser.

With comments such as ‘IE sucks’ and ‘IE is only good for downloading other browsers,’ Microsoft has used these in the advert to show it is taking a step forward.

There is a lot of competition in the browser world with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both offering an abundance of varied and additional features.

The advert itself depicts someone actively commenting against IE and the attempt to win them over. While IE doesn’t profess to be completely improved, it's showing there is progress. Come on Microsoft, convince us.