Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse revealed

New mid-level addition to the Touch range

If you thought that Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse was perhaps a bit 'showy' then this may be for you, all the features, simple design.

Microsoft will be releasing a new addition to it's 'Touch' range of mice in the form of the Explorer Touch Mouse which will offer you all the bells and whistles but with an air of modesty about it.

Unlike the Arc Touch, the Explorer Touch is somewhat more bulky, losing the eye-catching design it instead adopts the ethos of productivity over looks, sporting a basic but comfortable-looking design.

Don't be fooled into thinking it's not got the grunt to back it up though. The Explorer has haptic feedback in it's touch-sensitive scroll-wheel just in case you miss the days of old.

It also includes Microsoft's Blue Track Technology which will let you use the Explorer on pretty much anything from a pair of jeans to a pebbled beach (though we're not sure about that last one).

The Explorer Touch should be hitting the shelves by the end of July and will cost £69.99 making it the sensible twin of the Arc Touch.

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Source: Pocket Lint