Microsoft executive: Sony's Move is a "great product"

Aaron Greenberg heaps praise on rival's product

Kinect vs. Move saga takes an unexpected twist

In an unusual act of kindness, Microsoft’s Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg has doused bitter rivals Sony with praise as he described the Sony PlayStation Move motion controlled gaming peripheral a “great product”.

With the launch of Microsoft’s own motion gaming accessory, the controller-less Kinect now just days away, Greenberg’s unexpected comments came during an interview with Eurogamer in which he proceeded to admit that Sony’s ultra-responsive motion controller has attracted “favourable reviews”.

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"First off, it's a great product and the reviews seem to be pretty favourable. But they've targeted it purely to existing owners” said Greenberg. “They've said you can decide whether you want to play existing titles on the platform, like SOCOM, with the controller or with Move.”

On his own company’s attempt at motion domination the Xbox bigwig suggested: “Here's what I think: Move is just a different approach to the market," he said. "We're thinking about Kinect as a key component to the platform.”

"Our approach has been different. We're not going to take Halo, a game you love playing with the controller, and offer you the option to play it with a different interface which may or may not have been designed for that game. We want to build completely unique experiences from the ground up which are designed for Kinect. It's just a different approach."

With the battle of Christmas supremacy set to kick of in the coming weeks, which motion accessory gets your vote, Sony’s PlayStation Move or Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360? Share your thoughts with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.