Microsoft employees to get Surface tablets plus other Windows 8 kit

Firm boosts its employee benefits package

Microsoft has announced that it will dish out Surface tablets plus a raft of other Windows 8-based devices to over 90,000 of its staff

More than 90,000 Microsoft employees will receive a Surface tablet, as well as a host of other Windows 8 devices, including smartphones, PCs and laptops as part of a generous boost to their benefits package.

Employees will have the option of choosing between a Surface RT tablet, a new work computer (this includes either a PC, laptop or ultrabook), plus another Windows 8-toting device, which they can use from home and in the office.

The generous package was announced by CEO Steve Ballmer at the firm’s annual employee meeting, held today in Seattle, and applies to all full-time staff, known as 'blue badges'.

Attendees were quick to tweet their excitement, with most comparing Ballmer to talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who’s renowned for giving away expensive prizes to members of her audience. Said one: “Steve Ballmer is the new Oprah,” while another user tweeted: “Best. Company meeting. Ever.”

Via Forbes

Words: Bertan Budak