Microsoft considering Office for the Mac App Store

It's a possibility Microsoft isn't ruling out

Could Microsoft enter the App store?

Currently, Microsoft doesn't sell its products on the Mac App Store (rather, it is challenging Apple over the App Store trademark), but we may yet see the day when Microsoft Office products will be made available.

We'd seen a glimmer of hope as far back as last year that Microsoft might enter the App store, but nothing materialized then.

Now Microsoft is admitting to looking at the possibility of offering Office in the Mac App Store, but hasn't decided what course of action to take yet.

Microsoft's Amanda Lefebvre told All Thing's Digital's Mobilized blog that they are looking at the option. She said, "It’s something we are looking at." They pointed out though that Microsoft Office is already available on the web in other places.

She said it's an option they haven't ruled out and will see how it relates to their business.

If released on the Mac App Store, Microsoft will have to compete with the already available Apple rival iWork Suite, which sells Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

In addition, Apple takes 30% of app sales, leaving 70% for the developer, so we'll have to wait and see how that condition is dealt with.

However, with Microsoft recently releasing OneNote for the iPhone via the iTunes App Store, we may just see Office on the Mac App store yet.

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Via: All Things Digital