Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7 apps now number 80,000

Windows Phone mobile OS hits new milestone apps figure as platform continues to grow

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform continues to go from strength-to-strength with more than 80,000 apps confirmed as available for the Android rival

Windows Phone 7 developer Microsoft has revealed its fledgling mobile operating system now plays host to more than 80,000 applications with hundreds of new apps being added to the Windows Marketplace on a daily basis.

Having reached the 70,000 app mark just two weeks ago, Microsoft's announcement of the new 80,000 Windows Phone 7 app milestone has highlighted the platform's rapid rate of growth following its introduction to Chinese markets and the arrival of the Nokia Lumia range of WP7 devices.

Best Windows Phone 7 Apps

Whilst still a paltry offering compared to the more than 400,000 Android applications or over half a million iOS apps offered by Apple for its iPhone, iPod and iPad devices, Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS now has more than 100,000 registered developers with more than 2,500 Chinese apps already available for the service.

With a number of high-profile apps and developers beginning to adopt the Windows Phone platform the Android and iOS rival is expected to see its Marketplace rapidly increase its number of available apps in the coming months with the likes of the newly launched Angry Birds Space expected to be on the way to WP7.

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Via: GeekyGadgets