Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hits out at Apple and Android

Claims that Windows Phone could be the new middle ground

Despite statistically still being the underdog, Steve Ballmer appears confident that Windows Phone 8 can rival Apple and Android, not directly, but by becoming a niche

CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has attacked both the Android and iOS ecosystems saying that Android's is 'wild' whilst calling the overall prices on iOS 'high'.

The verbal attack took place in an interview with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman in which the CEO claimed that while they weren't looking for all of the smartphone market they did see a large gap in which Windows Phone 8 would fit perfectly.

"The question is how do you get the quality with maybe not the premium price of the phone, with maybe not quite as controlled an ecosystem. And how do you allow for the lower price points, more affordability, diversity that comes with Android.

"And I think you can say that's kind of the best of both worlds and that's available to us."

Windows Phone 8 was launched last month and is the first OS that uses the same language as its Desktop counterpart Windows 8 which allows it to run similar apps with very little changes.

Source: The Telegraph