Microsoft Avatar Kinect unveiled

Ramped up version of Kinect coming from the Big M

Face tracking coming to Kinect later this year says Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft’s annual CES keynote wasn’t full of killer new announcements. But one which really did stand out was Avatar Kinect, a ramped up addition to the ace motion control camera which promises to bring even more futuristic fancies to your front room.

Leaked earlier this week, Avatar Kinect will track your facial expressions, from nods and winks through to frowns and yawns. It’ll even create a more distinct Avatar of your own mug, which you’ll then be able to send off into a virtual world of other Avatars.

Steve Ballmer talked up the idea of Avatars holding conversations with each other, meaning you need never actually chat with a real person again. We joke, but the possibilities for virtual meet-ups are pretty much endless.

Avatar Kinect is coming in Spring and will be included as part of Xbox Live Gold membership. Yet another reason to snag the uber-selling motion camera. For more, head to our CES Microsite now.