Microsoft Avatar Kinect primed for CES 2011

New service slips out ahead of official announcement

Spy shot confirms plans for something Kinect-flavoured at gadget mega-show.

Microsoft is priming a new service dubbed Avatar Kinect and will unveil it during its CES keynote tomorrow. How do we know? Well, a cheeky spy shot of rehearsals for Ballmer’s big speech shows a slide replete with the the new offering’s name.

What Avatar Kinect will entail remains unclear, although the image suggests gamers’ avatars will be able to hook up via Xbox Live and hang out virtually.

Steve Ballmer takes to the stage tomorrow at 6.30 pm Pacific time. That’s Thursday 2.30 am for us Brits. Rest assured we’ll be there and bringing you all the news as it happens, on Avatar Kinect and whatever else the Big M has to show.

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Via Glimpse Dog