Microsoft attacks Gmail with latest ad campaign

Privacy policy targeted in "Scroogled" campaign

Microsoft has taken another pop at fierce rival Google with a new ad campaign bashing Gmail's privacy policy

Microsoft's latest "Scroogled" ad campaign doesn't pull its punches - taking square aim at Gmail's privacy policy and explaining how the company goes through every word to "sell ads based on your own personal messages."

Last year, Microsoft took out a full-page ad in various US newspapers to target Google's privacy policy but has bumped up its assault this year with a couple of videos and a dedicated website.

"Think Google respects your privacy? Think again," the advert says. Before calmly reminding you that won;t go through your emails to sell you ads. Especially after you're cat's just died.

Sadly, tech firms trading insults over marketing and ad material has become all too familiar over the last couple of years. The Samsung "Genius" ad and the BlackBerry "Wake up" campaign are two recent examples.

We've included the videos below, so you can have a watch and make up your own mind about nasty, nasty Google.