Microsoft Arc Touch mouse unveiled

New folding mouse with touch-sensitive scroller

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Microsoft Arc Touch mouse unveiled
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Microsoft Arc Touch mouse unveiled
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Microsoft Arc Touch mouse unveiled

Apple recently claimed that the humble mouse was on its way out. Microsoft begs to differ, offering up the ultra-mobile Arc Touch.

Microsoft has unveiled its latest answer in the battle of the mice; the Arc Touch. For those of you that remember the old Arc its ultra-mobile design meant that it could fold in half making it easy to transport. This new Arc goes about things differently.

To turn the mouse on you simply 'arc' the mouse until it snaps into place, then when you're done you simply flatten it back down, automatically turning the device off, neat huh? The tech doesn't stop there either, Microsoft have put a capacitive scrolling strip in the middle instead of the usual click-wheel which means you can perform all kinds of cool functions just by using the strip.

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The Arc Touch connects to your PC via a minute Nano Transceiver that pops into the USB slot, while ingenious in its sheer size it's also something that's just aching to be lost amongst clutter on the floor. That said, it makes the Arc Touch incredibly mobile, simply snapping into the mouse and keeping everything nice and tidy.

Using Microsoft's BlueTrack Technology the Arc will pretty much run smoothly over any surface, so none of that frustrated searching for the last mousepad in the office, that had already gone to someone else. The price is a quite considerable £69.99 which places it firmly in the arena of 'bespoke' mice and you can get your hands on one in November.

Link: TechRadar