Microsoft Apple TV rival set for CES 2011

New set-top box set to be unveiled tomorrow

Reports claim pared down Windows device will soon be sitting pretty under your TV.

Microsoft will show off a spanking new set-top box at CES 2011, aimed at taking on both Apple and Google TV. That’s according to a report from the Seattle Times, which has got the inside line on the new telly-loving gadget.

Word to the wise is that it’ll rock a slimmed down edition of Windows, with a Media Centre-style UI to keep things basic and easy to handle. There’s no news on a name just yet, but Windows TV sounds like a good bet to us.

The report also claims the box will clock in at $200 (£128), twice the price of Apple TV. There’s no word on whether there’ll be an embedded version, a la Google TV, but expect to hear more at Microsoft’s CES press conference tomorrow night.

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Via Apple Insider