Microsoft announces MSN TV shutdown, formerly WebTV

The service will face permanent closure on September 30th

Microsoft has announced the closure of its MSN TV service, formerly known as WebTV, on September 30th

Customers have been e-mailed informing them that the service will officially shutdown on September 30th.

Microsoft's TV service, MSN TV was rebranded from WebTV back in 2001, after buying it in mid-1997 for $503 million.

The Internet Media Player came with a battery-operated wireless remote and wireless keyboard, telephone line T-splitter, 25" phone cord, 6" audio/video cable and a power supply.

AllThingsD reports.

Microsoft has said, "the Web has continued to evolve at a breathtaking pace, and there are many new ways to access the Internet. Accordingly, we have made the difficult decision to end the MSN TV service."

Microsoft did release MSN TV 2 with enhanced features and power but alternative devices such as Apple TV bring competition.

Instructions for a seamless transition were outlined in the company's e-mail to existing customers.

Users must copy favourites and Scrapbook photos over to SkyDrive. If a customer uses their MSN TV e-mail address they will need to upgrade to Microsoft's which replaced Hotmail in order to keep the e-mail functioning.

Microsoft will be offering special deals on MSN Dial-up and Premium serivces.

Source: AllThingsD