Microsoft and Sony are trailing with online gaming says expert

Exclusive: OnLive CEO says Microsoft and Sony are no threat to cloud gaming

Following last week’s OnLive UK release date the company’s CEO Steve Perlman has told T3 in an exclusive interview that Microsoft and Sony pose no threat to the cloud gaming market

The two biggest players in the home console market are failing consumers on the online gaming front, OnLive CEO and founder Steve Perlman has suggested.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with T3, Perlman, head of cloud-based gaming specialist OnLive, has suggested Microsoft and Sony are years away from offering cloud gaming services of their own leaving consumers little choice in how to enjoy their favourite titles across multiple platforms on the move.

“We haven’t seen anything in terms of cloud gaming from Microsoft and Sony,” said Perlman. “We have yet to see anyone deliver a system that works reliably across all different systems.”

Whilst Microsoft’s Xbox Live online service has come in for little criticism Sony’s PlayStation Network was targeted by hackers earlier this year in a series of attacks that saw more than 24 million users lose their personal data.

Suggesting it could take the big players years to catch up in this still emerging market Perlman added: “Now if we see anybody doing cloud gaming, we can say we were at that stage five years ago and we walked before we ran.”

OnLive hit the UK for the first time on September 22nd following more than a year of availability in the US, a period Perlman referred to as “a huge Beta test.”

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