Microsoft and Samsung team up in patent fight

Microsoft will share patents for a cut of Samsung’s profits

The ongoing patent wars between the world’s biggest tech companies has taken a new twist, with Microsoft sharing its intellectual property with Samsung in return for a cut of Sammy’s Android profits.

The raging battle between Samsung and Apple continues today, as news emerges that Microsoft has agreed to share its mobile patents with the Korean tech titan. In return, Microsoft will get royalties from sales of Sammy’s Android handsets.

What’s more, the companies have agreed to work more closely on new Windows Phone devices. This comes as no surprise, especially seeing as the Big M’s intellectual property will be helping Samsung sell more Google-backed Android devices.

The war for patent supremacy has got ugly in 2011, with Samsung and Apple at the centre of an increasingly bitter fight. Lawsuits have been filed across the world, while everyone from Google to Microsoft has sided with Samsung.

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Via Business Week