Microsoft 'welcome' to join Blu-ray Disc Association

BDA opens its arms to Big M

BDA dismisses Microsoft's claims that downloads and streaming will displace current discs.

Microsoft would be ‘welcome’ to join the the Blu-ray Disc Association. That’s according to the BDA’s European chairman Graham Heaton, who was speaking in an interview with CVG.

The exec said that any company could join the BDA of they wished, and was keen to stress that Microsoft’s suggestion that after its current discs for Xbox became unviable, streaming and downloads would take the strain.

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"The amount of data required for a blockbuster game is getting bigger and bigger by the day,” said Heaton, suggesting that titles were already pushing a Blu-ray disc’s current 50GB limit. He went on to say that broadband infrastructure would not allow for streaming of 50GB games any time soon.

Heaton would not be drawn on whether Microsoft would be forced to adopt Blu-ray if major games start appearing on multiple discs for the Xbox 360.

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