Michael Jackson The Experience gets vuvuzela'd

Ubisoft strategy to annoy pirates out of playing

The King of Pop breaks out the infernal horn in a bid to dissuade pirates.

With the shame of England's performance in the World Cup now but a bitter, faded memory, you may have relegated the musical stylings of the vuvuzela to that same dark period - a droning reminder of a time when Germany apparently kind of technically beat us a bit. Or something.

Not so for games publishers Ubisoft. For their upcoming Nintendo DS title "Michael Jackson - The Experience", Ubi have dug out their own stash of the "instruments" to be used as an anti-piracy strategy. Said strategy being "make the game too annoying to play".

Not only do Ubisoft's anti-piracy methods remove the on-screen prompts on illegally downloaded ROMs of the game (making them completely unplayable) but Michael's performances are drowned out by the all-too-familiar, hornets-in-a-metal-bin siren of vuvuzelas. Well, it's an improvement on the DRM tribulations that have been plaguing the PC gaming world the past few years. Probably.

Check out the video below for a clip of Ubisoft's anti-piracy tactic in action. It's only 12 seconds long, but trust us, that's long enough.