Metro: Last Light trailer for live action film unveiled

New video trails live action short on upcoming Metro sequel

Despite being delayed until the first quarter of 2013, Metro: Last Light is looking to steal some of the E3 limelight with an upcoming short film

A new Metro: Last Light video has appeared on YouTube advertising an upcoming live action short film which will be unveiled in just a few days time despite the release date of the game being many months away.

The game, which will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC and Nintendo Wii U is a direct sequel to the original Metro: 2033 game which received a critical reception for its unconventional storyline and impressive graphics.

Little is know about the sequel except that it will once again be set in the metro below Moscow with players fighting for their lives against both other humans and mutants.

The most interesting news concerning this title however is that it will be available for Nintendo's upcoming console the Wii U, making it one of the first 'Adult' titles to be available on a Nintendo console alongside Aliens: Colonial Marines and Batman: Arkham City.