Met Police to use Eighties software during Olympics

Met still relying on old systems for security of the games

MetOps, software from the 1980s, struggled to cope during the London Riots and will now be used to organise the security of the Olympic Games.

The Metropolitan Police will have to use 30-year-old software to coordinate the policing operations surrounding the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

MetOps, the 1980s software the Metropolitan Police are using to organise their operations is the same software that had to cope with the London Riots in 2011 and is now expected to hold up to the pressure of security at the Olympic Games in London

"These significant limitations coupled with the sheer scale of task around the flow of information, communication and coordination of resources posed an immense challenge for those within SOR, particularly on Monday 8th August," said a report by the Met into the riots of August 2011.

The report determined that MetOps could not handle the flow of information during the London Riots as well as slowing down communication and causing difficulties switching command over between teams.

While the Met has confirmed that they will be replacing the software it’s unclear at this point whether a replacement system will be available for use during the Olympic Games.

Source: The Register